Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lincoln Bassett School students are the stars

NEW HAVEN — Lincoln Bassett School has won the city-wide Book Bowl competition for this first time, earning a perfect score in the final round.
A large banner congratulating winners now hangs in the school’s foyer.
Lincoln Bassett had made it to the finals a few times, but had never won the competition until last month. February Book Bowl is a competition involving all New Haven schools. Every student in Book Bowl must read 10 books. After reading the books, they have to study details, settings, characteristics, etc., of each book.
They get together as a team and discuss the books with their coaches. The students must be dedicated, and enthusiastic about being in Book Bowl.
Book Bowl also teaches children about teamwork and being able to work together. If one student doesn’t know an answer, perhaps another student will know it.
Once the competition gets going, teams compete for bronze, silver and gold medals. The four gold medal teams then compete for the trophy and title of Book Bowl champion for the year. This year, the four gold medalists were Troup Magnet, Worthington Hooker, Conte West Hills, and Lincoln Bassett. The final round was between Worthington Hooker and Lincoln Bassett. Lincoln Bassett took the title and the trophy with a perfect score.
Students on the Lincoln Bassett team are: T’Rome Telford, captain; DeMarte Daily, co-captain; Latamara Moye, Nichelle Hobby, and Corrilisha Telford. There were two alternates on the team — Soukeyna M’baye, and Zazsheen Perry. The team was coached by Louise Nelson, library media specialist, and Paula Perreault, sixth-grade teacher.

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