Friday, May 22, 2009

The beetles invasion nobody wants

NEW HAVEN — With the summer season just around the corner from Memorial Day Weekend, the state Department of Environmental and Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station ask campers, vacationers and state residents citizens not to transport firewood from its original site as doing so could spread the Asian Longhorned Beetle and other wood pests.
The Asian Longhorned Beetle is a serious pest that can kill hardwood trees that are common in Connecticut, the DEP said in a statement. Although the beetle has not been found in the state yet, federal agricultural officials confirmed it is in nearby Worcester, Mass. About 64 square miles in Worcester and surrounding towns are regulated due to the beetle infestation, the statement said and infested trees are being removed and destroyed. The beetle also has been found in New York City and New Jersey.
The DEP and CAES recommend purchase of firewood near camp or seasonal home destinations, instead of bringing it from home. All wood purchased at camps and seasonal homes should be used and not brought home.
Any tree infested with the beetle will die because the larvae tunnel in the wood and prevent the tree from receiving nutrition, the statement said. Infested trees need to be removed as early as possible, and the earlier an infestation is found and reported, the quicker federal, state and local officials can work to remove the pest, the statement said. Suspected infestations can be reported to the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station at or the Office of the State Entomologist at (203)-974-8474. Reports also can be called in to the Asian Longhorned beetle New England hotline number (866) 702-9938.

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