Friday, June 5, 2009

Take a hike in North Haven

NORTH HAVEN — The Peter’s Rock Association welcomes the public to Peter’s Rock today, in celebration of National Trails Day June 6.
Self-guided tours of the trails at Peter’s Rock Park, off Middletown Avenue, are available at any time.
People can picnic at the park entrance at 133 Middletown Ave., just behind First Fuel gas station, or can observe spring flowers and trees in bud. A garden was planted last year around the flagpole by the North Haven Garden Club and a weeping cherry tree was planted last fall in memory of John Lamonaca.
Other park improvements include a boardwalk constructed at the approach to the bridge over the stream on the red trail thanks to Eagle Scout Phil Cooper, and the yellow trail to the garden was partially blazed by Scout leader Diane Worrest and her troop. Maps are available at the park.

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