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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"Inspired" donation

Yale University and UNITE HERE donate to Hillhouse

NEW HAVEN – The New Haven Public Schools recently received a $25,000 donation from Yale University and its labor unions, UNITE HERE, school officials said in a statement.

The donation, $12,500 from the University and $12, 500 from the labor unions, was "inspired by the expedient and effective completion of the contract negotiations between the two groups earlier this year," the statement said.

"As a symbol of the good will between the two groups, they made the decision to donate to these funds toward new computers at Hillhouse High School," it said.

“Bob Proto, Local 35 president, called to suggest that this be a joint donation, and we thought it was a great idea. The university and Local 35 plan to do more community projects together in the future," Bruce Alexander, Yale vice president and director of New Haven and State Affairs and Campus Development said, also in the statement.

The donation is expected to provide more than 40 desktop computers, including monitors, software for each computer, keyboards and mice.

“We selected Hillhouse High School because we have a good deal of members in the union who have children that attend that school and we focused on computers because we believe access to technology is a very important part of a student’s education these days,” Bob Proto, president UNITE HERE Local 35, said in the statement.

Shown in the photo, l to r, are: Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo, Nadine Gannon, Jameel James, Durell Snow, Shanice Johnson, Jengodji Gates, Bruce Alexander, Bob Proto, James Hillhouse High School Principal Lonnie Garris, Nollysha Canteen, Mark Wilson, Aaron Smith, Quontaijah Alexander, Toni Ann Evans, and Amber Moye.


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