Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Arte Inc. has scholarships

NEW HAVEN — Arte Inc. is accepting applications for its annual scholarship awards for Latino students and peoples of any age interested in pursuing the arts. The deadline is Jan. 29.
Scholarships, which range are $400-$700, are awarded in visual and performing arts, and may be used for classes, workshops, lessons, supplies, tuition assistance and other purposes the awards committee deems appropriate.
Among requirements are that applicants be of Hispanic or Latino descent and state residents for at least one year.
For a list of guidelines and applications, which also are available in Spanish, contact Arte at 203-787-2783. Applications must be sent to Arte Inc., 19 Grand Ave., New Haven, 06513.
There will be a reception for honorees at a time and date to be determined, which scholarship recipients are required to attend.

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