Tuesday, June 8, 2010

East Haven cop to talk about his book

NEW HAVEN - East Haven police Officer Bob Nappe will discuss his book "Blessed Are the Peacekeepers" at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 23 at New Haven Public Library, 133 Elm St.
Nappe, a police officer and paramedic, wrote this book about his experiences in Iraq training Iraqi police to keep order, library officials said.
Nappe, who spent a year in Iraq, had to fight to get his police job back. The self-published book was released last year. It is subtitled “A Patriot Cop Sacrifices Everything To Serve His Country By Training Iraqi Police.”
As published in a New Haven Register story:
"The book covers everything from Nappe’s desire to get involved and find a way to serve, to the idea of “nation-building” and what he thinks is wrong with the U.S. effort — and that of his former employer, DynCorp — in Iraq.
He talks about how his expectations changed during his time there and how he, the leader of the East Haven police dive team, helped recruit and train a first-ever police dive team in Iraq with other American police serving with him. Then he saw DynCorp get mad at him for writing an article for his hometown weekly newspaper and reassigned dive team members to dangerous Fallujah.
“The main reason for writing the book was just to make sure people know that there are American police officers risking their lives for their country,” he said.
Nappe, who lives in North Haven, said he’s sick of seeing police officers serving in Iraq referred to as “contractors.”
“We weren’t contractors, like plumbers,” Nappe said. “To be called ‘a contractor’ like everybody else is really insulting, to tell you the truth. We were outfitted by the military, deployed with the military out of Fort Bliss, Texas” and the group of police officers he was with “lived with the military” and ate with them.
“We were treated like military,” he said.
Nappe has estimated he made up to $75,000 in Iraq, not including expenses. He says in the book that he could have made more by staying home and continuing as a police officer, including overtime shifts.

There is no charge, and free parking is available. For more information about this event visit www.peacekeepers.com.

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