Thursday, July 22, 2010

History can be fun for kids

The state Judicial Branch, in collaboration with the League of Women Voters and the Museum of Connecticut History, is sponsoring “Day Trips with Kids,” on July 28 and Aug. 5, the agency said in a statement
The days are intended to be "an opportunity for children to have fun while learning about state government at the same time," the statememtn said.
Tours of the Connecticut Supreme Court, State Capitol and Museum of Connecticut History will be included, the statement said.
occur on Wednesday, July 28, and Thursday, Aug. 5.
Activities also will include: A scavenger hunt in the museum, where exhibits trace the growth of the state and its role in the development of the nation; a visit to the Capitol, where families will have the opportunity to learn about the legislative process and also see the Hall of Flags, which displays flags Connecticut soldiers have carried into battle; helping the Judicial Branch celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of the historic Connecticut Supreme Court courtroom by visiting and learning about the room where the state’s most important legal rulings have occurred, the statement said.
“We are very excited about this program, which is fun, free and family-friendly,”
Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers said, also in the statement. “I also am very grateful to the League of Women Voters and the State Librarian, who oversees the Museum of Connecticut History, for their help.”
The program is recommended for children age 8 and older. A schedule for both days, tour times and other information is available through the Judicial Branch’s website, at, or by calling the External Affairs Division at 860-757-2270.

Editor's note: This information was wholly provided by the state Judicial Branch

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