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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Haven aldermen honor 34 police officers

NEW HAVEN — The Board of Aldermen has honored 33 city police officers and one Hamden officer for their roles in solving three city killings.
"I am proud to wear the New Haven Police Services uniform and join our community in celebrating the hard work of these men and women," said Chief Frank Limon. "New Haven Patrol Officers, Detectives and a Hamden Police Officer are being recognized for there outstanding teamwork, quick response and investigative skills for solving the city’s last three homicides cases.
The group received aldermanic citations.
Sgt. David Guliuzza and patrol officers Pedro Colon, Christopher Camerron, Luis Lopez, Ryan Przybylski, Christopher Elliott, Charles Kim, Ann Mays, Steven Cunningham, Nikki Curry, Bobby Jones, Marc DeCarvalho, John Pleckaitis and Hamden Officer Joseph Ligori were honored.
Also recognized from the detective bureau were: Sgts. Robert Criscuolo, James Grasso, Alfonzo Vazquez, Otoniel Reyes and Rachael Cain and Detectives Brett Runlett, Alberto Merced, Elisa Tuozzoli, Christopher Perrone, Michael Wuchek, James Naccarato, Angela Augustine-Daye, Scott Branfuhr, Raghue Tennant, Carlos Maldonado, Bertram Ettienne, Wayne Bullock, David Zaweski, Craig Dixon and Nicole Natale.


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