Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dinner at John C. Daniels School means...

Keeping a promise

When John C. Daniels School recently held a dinner to share the New Haven Promise program with parents, they had "a great turnout," officials said in a statement.

There were more than 250 parents and guardians in attendance at the program, which also served as report card night, the statement said.

The Promise is a recently launched program that intends to provide up to full tuition at a state college for students who live in New Haven and graduate from a public or charter school here. It is funded by Yale University and the Community Foundation for New Haven.

Shown in top photo, l to r, New Haven parents, Kathryn Pratt, J. McCullough, Michael Palma, Charles Stevens and Jorge Velez speak with Principal Gina Wells and NHPS Assistant Superintendent Garth Harries about the New Haven Promise at John C. Daniels School

Shown in center photo, also l to r, John C. Daniels parents, J. McCullough and Rene Palma speak with Harries, about New Haven Promise.

Shown in lower photo, aslo l to r, John C. Daniels Principal Gina Wells talks about New Haven Promise to parents Michael Palma, Jorge Velez and Charles Stevens along with Harries.

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