Thursday, November 10, 2011

Library Science Film Festival slated for Jan. 2012

New Haven Public Library has announced its participation in ArtSpace's upcoming exhibition "Library Science."  
"Curator Rachel Gugelberger has put together an exhibition featuring library-inspired works of 22 contemporary artists from across the nation in a wide range of formats, including drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, painting and web-based projects," according to a statement.

"Library Science" explores our physical, intellectual and personal relationships with the library,  and how libraries are adapting to the digital world. Is library survival dependent on the survival of books? How will libraries evolve through the 21st century?, the statement said.
 "Library Science" seeks to encourage relationships between libraries and artists, connecting the creation of artwork with access to research assistance and information, the statement said.

As part of the ArtSpace initiative, artist Heather Lawless has created a site and situation-specific project at the downtown branch of New Haven Public Library, 133 Elm St., the statement said.
"The coordinating statewide film festival will culminate in a series of films to be screened at New Haven Public Library January 24-26, 2012;" the series will include the documentaries "Hollywood Librarian" and "Out of Obscurity" and more, the statement said.
 For more information about the New Haven Public Library's Film Festival, call 203-946-8835.

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