Friday, November 22, 2013

Metro-North Commuter Rail Council chairman resigns from agency

 CT Metro-North Commuter Rail Council Chairman Jim Cameron, also a commuter advocate, has resigned from the council.
The following is a release from Cameron, posted here unedited as a public service:


“While I have resigned from the Commuter Council, I’m not quitting my advocacy for improved commuter rail service,” said Cameron.   Cameron will continue to author his twice-monthly newspaper column and blog, “Talking Transportation”.

“It is clear to me now that the best way to make change is to organize at a grassroots level, giving voice to the 120,000 daily riders on Metro-North at a volume that cannot be ignored,” said Cameron.

During his tenure on the CT Metro-North Commuter Council Cameron led the effort to order long-overdue new rail cars, increase service on the branch lines, introduce “Quiet Cars” to rush-hour trains and rehab dilapidated rail stations under the “Fix My Station” campaign.  He also worked with state lawmakers, the CDOT and Metro-North to craft a “Passenger Bill of Rights”.

“I have never been shy about pointing out the failures of the railroad or DOT,” said Cameron.  “But I have also been the first person to defend those agencies and give them kudos when they did the right thing.  My criticism has never been based on partisan politics.  And no, I’m not seeking elected office.  The only thing I’m running for is the train.”

“I want to thank the legislators, both Democrat and Republican, who appointed and re-appointed me to the Council since 1994.  In my continuing role as a commuter advocate, I look forward to working with everyone in Hartford and Washington to do all we can to provide a world class commuter rail service in our state,” he added.

In addition to the Commuter Council, Cameron has served on the Coastal Corridor TIA, the CT Citizens Transportation Lobby, the I-95 Task Force of CDOT and two SWRPA Parking Studies.

A resident of Darien for 23 years, Cameron is also a member of the town’s Representative Town Meeting and serves as Program Director of TV79, the town’s government TV station.  He is also President of Cameron Communications Inc, a consultancy he founded 31 years ago.

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