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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Political parties in Connecticut by the numbers

Today is Primary Day in Connecticut. Party affiliation by active voters in Connecticut includes a number of major and minor political parties.

Could you name them all? Test yourself and then check you answers below.

(Note: Follow Primary Day coverage live here)

The chart below as released by Sec. of the State Denise Merrill. It is shared as released and unedited here:

AS OF 8/11/2014         
PARTY                                                     COUNT
A Better Future                                                 2
A Brookfield Party                                            3
A Connecticut Party                                          1
A Sentinel Party                                             23
Canterbury First                                               2
Chatham Party                                                 10
Democratic                                            705,403
Enfield Taxpayers Party                                   2
Friends Of Saybrook                                       13
Green                                                          1,636
Guilty                                                                 1
Independence                                                   12
Independence For Montville                              8
Independent                                               15,157
Independent Choice                                            1
Libertarian                                                   1,654
Milford Independent Party                                 6
Norwich for Change                                            1
Open                                                                    8
Pro-Bethel                                                            2
Realistic Balance                                                 4
Reform                                                               12
Republican                                               401,374
Simsbury Citizens First                                        1
South Windsor Citizens                                        1
Spring Glen Party                                                 8
Swing                                                                    1
The Hampton Party                                               1
U-It                                                                       6
U/I                                                                         1
Unaffiliated                                              801,407
Unaffiliated (Conservative)                                 1
We The People                                                   45
Winsted Independent                                         37
Working Families                                             271
                           TOTAL                     1,927,115

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