Sunday, March 8, 2015

March always comes in like a lion, my mom says

My "winter has never scared me face"
By Joan Bennett

It was March 8  and I will never forget that date as my beautiful daughter, Helen was born in the early evening of that day.

The first week of that month was not pleasant as far as weather was concerned. We thought winter was over but Mother Nature had other plans and we were caught unawares. The day was cold and in the early afternoon it began to snow lightly.
I had appointment with my doctor, which I kept and he announced I was in the beginning stages of labor. No wonder I had been feeling weird. I thought the doctor was mistaken  as Helen wasn't due for another five weeks. So what to do?
Snow was coming down heavily, mixing with rain and sleet by the time my husband drove me home.
I was in a hurry to get to the hospital but first we had to bring our son, Chip, two years old, to my parent's home about ten miles from where we lived. I hated driving through snow and sleet. It was dark out too. Thank goodness the hospital was only five miles from my parent/s home.

We stayed a few minutes at Mom and Dad's then drove slowly to the hospital, as I was worried we would never make it. The hospital staff was waiting for me. What a relief! I forgot about the weather and concentrated on the more important event that was happening.

March has always been a fickle month. It usually comes in like a lion and I am surprised when she fools me.

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