Friday, September 25, 2015

Birds of Haiti and Connecticut - Migrators and Locals

The "Birds of Haiti and Connecticut - Migrators and Locals" is the theme of the program from 7 to 8 p.m. Oct. 1 at the Essex Town Hall auditorium, West Avenue, according to a release.
the event is sponsored Sister Cities Exxex Haiti. The public is invited and admission is free, the release said.
The speaker, Sister Cities Essex Haiti Board member and Professor  Bob Lamothe, "is an avid photographer and ornithologist," the release said. "His interest in birds began as a youngster.  He was fascinated by their communication skills; different calls for different reasons."

"At a young age Bob realized roosters would give a specific warning signal to the hens to take shelter when a hawk appeared overhead.  That led to deeper observations of all sorts of birds in Haiti.  He continued that interest when he moved to (Connecticut) and focused and honed much of his photographic skills on birds and their activities."
Further, "Bob found that many of the birds he knew in Haiti were here in (Connecticut) as well, either as permanent residents of both areas or as migrating birds.  He has a vast collection of photos of birds that are unique to each area.  Bob’s passion for ornithology and photography combine to make this an outstanding talk."
For more information call 860-767-3181.

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