Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Orange Historical Society let folks hold events in historic house

ORANGE – Did you know that the historic Bryan-Andrew House is available for use for special events?
The house can accommodate about 18 people seated at tables in the various rooms of the home, the parlor, the hall and the keeping room, all with working fireplaces, Orange Historical Society officials said. 

For the events, docents dressed in period costumes give tours of the home.  All food and beverages must be brought by the family or group using the house as no kitchen is currently available.

For information, including about rates, call 203 795-3106 and leave a message.  All calls will be returned.

Further, those interested in history and helping to keep the society going can visit The Academy Museum Antique and Gift Shop at 605 Orange Center Road,
The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., on Saturdays.

An example of the items displayed in the museum is a hand-painted postcard from the 1940s, society President Ginny Reinhard said. The Dutch postcard has a message on the back that says "our camp has fifty barracks like this there are two hundred men in one barrack.  The Germans invaded the Netherlands in May of 1940 despite their declaration of neutrality.”

The postcard (shown at right) is in the society’s collection, “which is highly prized to WWII collectors and postcard collectors as well.”

“We have an extensive collection of hand painted cards and cards from the 1900s,” she said. “The card was sent to the US Patent Office in Washington but no stamp or
postmark....a research into the post cards that look this date it 1940.”


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Monty's Era said...

This is by far one of the best places to hang with friends, have great drinks (amazing beer selection), eat some great food, including the great lunch I had at Los Angeles venues. Prices are very reasonable and the pizza was awesome.

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