Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Haven's Alfred Marder to speak at the New Haven Museum

NEW HAVEN - The New Haven Museum reports: "By May of 1954, McCarthyism had reached a fevered pitch throughout he United States. Federal agents came for Alfred Marder at his New Haven home, and rounded up others in the Elm City."
This the museum shares in a release, "was sensational news; one newspaper headline screamed: '7 Leaders of Commie Party Seized in East...'.” 
Now, Marder94, will  "share a vivid first-person account of FBI surveillance, phone taps, fear, and the loss of employment due to his arrest, during “The Right to Speak One’s Mind: A Conversation With Al Marder,” at the New Haven Museum at 5:30 p.m. April 14, the release said.
The free event will be moderated by historian Mary Donohue, who interviewed Marder for her article, “A Life of Conviction” in the Spring 2016 edition of “Connecticut Explored,” the magazine of Connecticut history, the museum's release noted
Connecticut Judge Andrew Roraback will be part of the discussion, "sharing his insights on Marder’s legal defense by his cousin, the celebrated Catherine Roraback," the release said
What happened in this case? Attend the event to find out!
The New Haven Museum is at 114 Whitney Ave.. .Find it on Facebook at

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