Thursday, March 20, 2008

A+ for art

City schools honor students and their artwork; exhibit of the work heads for City Hall in May

David Aldaz, shown at right, a fifth grader at John S. Martinez School, recently was honored by the Board of Education for having his artwork selected as the cover art for the Sax Arts and Crafts catalogue cover, along with having his work published in the district’s literary and arts journal.
Superintendent of Schools Reginald Mayo and the school board also honored the “arts” with the grand opening of the Annual Visual Arts Program sponsored by the Comprehensive Arts Program.
The exhibit showcases artwork by students at all grade levels. One hundred pieces of the exhibit will continue on to a City Hall exhibit May 12 to June 5 and artwork also will be selected for the literary and arts magazine published through the Comprehensive Arts program of New Haven Public Schools.
The school board honored student artwork winners, including Zeltzin Corona, a fourth grader from Clinton School and first place winner in the New Haven County Fire Prevention Poster Contest and whose work will be compete at state level; Eric Padilla- a fifth grader from East Rock School and second place winner in the Fire Prevention Poster Contest, who also will compete at state level; Abdul Yusif- a seventh grader from Clemente- School, regional winner in the National AAA Traffic Safety Poster Contest, who will compete on the national level; and David, whose 5th grader from John S. Martinez. His artwork, published last year in the literary and arts journal, was selected by Sax Arts and Crafts company for the cover of this year’s art catalogue.

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