Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bad boys, what ya gonna do when there's no check for you?

Aldermen probe halting ensions for convicts

By Maria Garriga
Register Staff
— Bad guys beware: You may not get your pensions if you commit a crime while working for the city.
The Board of Aldermen Monday unanimously approved a resolution asking board President Carl Goldfield, D-29, to set up a committee to investigate legal options for revoking pension and medical benefits for convicted employees.
Former police Lt. William White, who headed the narcotics squad, inspired the measure after he was charged with corruption. The city tried to fire him, but attorneys determined he had technically retired, which means White will collect $91,000 annually in pension and medical benefits until he reaches 70. White pleaded guilty in October and a federal judge April 28 sentenced White to 38 months in prison.
That White will still get his pension and benefits outraged the public and infuriated aldermen.
The resolution was introduced by aldermen George Perez, D-5, and Alphonse Paolillo Jr., D-17, in March 2007 when authorities aired the charges against White. It may gain momentum now that he has been convicted.
“Our constituents want this in a bad way,” said Yusuf Shaw, D-23, the board’s finance committee chairman.
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