Thursday, November 20, 2008

A match made in New Haven

Officials applaud new College partnership program

Shown, l to to r, Margaret Bauer, Gateway Community College dean of research; State Sen. Martin Looney, D-New Haven; Dolores Garcia-Blocker, principal of Cooperative Arts High School, Gateway President Dorsey Kendrick,; AT&T state President Ramona Carlow; John Emra, regional vice president, AT&T External & Legislative Affairs; and Mary Ellen Cody, Gateway dean of Development & Community Partnerships.

NEW HAVEN - The Gateway Community College Foundation Thursday received a $35,000 grant from AT&T to support planning and building a Middle College partnership program between Gateway Community College and Cooperative Arts High School to provide a guided and rigorous college curriculum.
The Middle College will give a group of students from the high school the opportunity to complete an Associate Degree Program in General Studies while attending regular high school classes, the college said in statement.

Upon high school graduation, students may receive both a diploma and an associate degree, thereby facilitating transfer into a baccalaureate program.

"This grant will enhance access to post-secondary education and expose students to college much earlier in their academic experience," said Dorsey L. Kendrick, president of Gateway Community College. "This partnership strengthens our collaboration with New Haven Public Schools as well and we are grateful for AT&T’s generosity."

AT&T’s grant is part of AT&T Aspire, a $100 million philanthropic program to help strengthen student success and workforce readiness, the statement said.

AT&T Aspire supports the work of the education community to help our students succeed in school by helping them see the connection between education and their brightest future.


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