Monday, November 10, 2008

Project Homeless Connect

United Way of Greater New Haven as well as service providers and volunteers recently came together to help out the growing homeless community. Project Homeless Connect, held at Wilbur Cross High School, was designed as a one-stop opportunity for the homeless population to receive and obtain access to all types of services, organizers said.
The program, held for the second year, drew more than 400 people seeking to utilize the services provided. The range of services offered during Project Homeless Connect "was vital to the project’s success," organizer said. Many families came out, and in anticipation of that, there was a children’s area devoted to keeping kids entertained with face painting and other fun activities. While the kids were occupied, parents had time to seek out the services that they needed. Flu shots, hair cuts, housing services information, and care packages were top priority to most people attending the event. Other services offered were mammograms, substance abuse counseling, social security assistance, and legal counseling.
"Project Homeless Connect was so successful this year was because of the outpouring of support from the community. With about 68 volunteers at the event helping to set up, serve lunch, and guide people around, everything ran smoothly. Also, over 60 agencies, including Planned Parenthood, Columbus House, and North Haven Academy (a Paul Mitchell partner school), donated their time and services to make this event possible," said Cecily Jones, volunteer engagement coordinator of United Way of Greater New Haven.
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