Friday, February 20, 2009

Tax help - it's free

NEW HAVEN — New Life Corporation and the Coalition for Working Families offer free tax preparation to low-moderate income individuals/families through the Volunteer Individual Tax Assistance Program. Working individual and family households that earn less than $42,000 a year will receive free assistance in accessing federal income credits while filing their income tax return.
The two agencies already have served more than 1,000 working residents and have returned more than $2.5 million back to filers in Federal and Earned Income Tax Credits this tax season, officials said.
New Life Corporation Executive Director Ariel Martinez said in a statement that there has been "a significant increase" in the number of people using the program this year. "I attribute this to the recession in our economy where individuals and families are looking to any financial support they may access in order to help them make ends meet," he said in the statement.
New Life Corporation runs five VITA sites: Columbus House, 592 Ella T. Grasso Blvd.; Centro San Jose, 290 Grand Ave.; ‘r kids Family Center, 45 Dixwell Ave.; United Shoreline Federal Credit Union, 107 Whitney Ave., all in New Haven and the West Haven Community House, 227 Elm St., West Haven.
For more information, including days and times, (203) 777-1319.

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