Thursday, April 23, 2009

From how to make a bed to how to help with homework

This guy tells you just how to survive.

You know you loved him on that radio station in Milford* and now you can still get all kinds of great advice from Greater New Haven's own Bruce Barber - and it's free! At least it's free for now, while Bruce does his "Real Life Survival Guide" with Tips for Living. We here at Elm City Express never lead you wrong and we guarantee you are going to both learn something useful and get a good laugh about it at the same time. Whether it's how to get baked on cheese off...or how to get pesky little ants out of your kitchen, Bruce adds his own spin to things. He practical, he's environmentally aware and he's downright cute.

You can check out his full site here.

In case you've only heard his voice, this is him:

*Yes, it's true Elm City Express won't name that Milford station since it laid off certain great personalities.

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