Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Long Wharf Preserve and Historic City Point Walk

Adapted from a release by the New Haven Land Trust:

A walk through the Long Wharf Nature Preserve and the City Point neighborhood will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on Saturday.

The walk will include an update on the preserve’s relationship to the state Department of Transportation’s plan for the Interstate 95 exit. Chris Randall, executive director of the New Haven Land Trust, will give the latest information on what has been happening to protect the Nature Preserve. Participants also will spend some time cleaning up the area. Trash bags will be provided.

Next will be a tour of the historic City Point area, guided by Anstress Farwell, president of the New Haven Urban Design League.

City Point was one of New Haven’s first planned suburban developments, bounded by Greenwich Avenue, Hallock Avenue and South Water Street. It was envisioned about 1840 by journalist Gerard Hallock, who formerly owned the land. City Point was officially established in May 1868 by his heirs on the former, now largely land-locked peninsula or “point” once known as “Oyster Point.”

The schedule follows:

9 a.m.: For those who would like a longer walk, meet Roger Uihlein at the flagpole on the New Haven Green. Walk will leave promptly at 9. By joining the walk at the flagpole you will have the walking experience of knowing the relationship of other points on the walk to the original nine squares of historic downtown New Haven.

9:30 a.m.: Arrive at Schooner Wharf, Long Wharf Drive.

10 a.m.: Arrive at Long Wharf Nature Preserve. People can choose to begin the walk at this point and meet at the entrance to the Nature Preserve near the Veterans Monument on Long Wharf Drive. There is free parking at the parking lot across from the monument.

11 a.m.: Meet Anstress Farwell at the Sound School just beyond the Long Wharf Nature Preserve overlooking Long Island Sound. From there continue our walk through historic City Point.

Noon: Walk ends. People will return to their vehicles. Those who have walked from the New Haven Green will be transported back to their starting point.

For more information, email or call 203-562-6655. The walk is being sponsored by the New Haven Bioregional Group, the New Haven Urban Design League and the New Haven Land Trust.

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