Friday, July 1, 2011

“Mysteries of New Haven” walking tour this summer

NEW HAVEN — The Smoking Gun Research Agency of Orange is offering its “Mysteries of New Haven” walking tour this summer.

SGRA is a 15-year-old nonprofit organization dedicated to the research of mysterious topics from paranormal phenomena to government controversies. The organization has investigated hundreds of stories from New Haven, and after holding a number of public lectures on these topics at surrounding libraries, the group created the tour in 2008.

The tour is led by SGRA director and lead investigator Jon Nowinski, and covers an area from the Green to Grove Street Cemetery. Participants on the tour learn about many things that even city residents are often unaware of. For example, beneath the grass of the Green sits a cemetery. Yale’s campus is home to one of the most secretive organizations in the country.

The tours are $10 each, $5 for kids. The cost covers a handout, which includes a map and information on the sites, and dates of the tour, contact the SGRA at, 203-247-0310, or visit

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