Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut holds event to celebrate centenarians

The Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut recently held its 26th Annual Centenarians Luncheon, a kick off of the celebration of Older Americans Month, according to a statement.

Twenty-eight people "who are turning 100 this year or who have passed this milestone" attended the luncheon. The guests were from 13 greater New Haven towns, the statement said.
Included were:     East Haven centenarians Kathleen Drude, 104, Guidelio, 101, Amelia Piccirillo, 99, and Lena Salerno, 99;    Elise Gillian, 99, of Gilford;   Hamden centenarians Irma Horvath, 100, Josephine Milone, 100, and Ida Sanderson, 100;   Meriden centenarians Beatrice Mulcahy, 100, and Elina “Lena” Sartucci, 100;   Milford centenarians Flora Phifer, 105, who was the oldest individual present, and Arthur White, 99;  New Haven centenarians Sara Lipwich, 100, Priscilla Morneau, 100, and Helen Mulcahy, 103;  Orange centenarians Mary Fellows, 100, and Joseph Koziel, 99;   LaVena Leonard, 101, of Seymour; Shelton centenarians Peggy Bayer, 102, and Rose Cohen, 99;  Wallingford centenarians Edith Seitz, 99, and Edna Wieland, 100; and   Woodbridge centenarians Angiolena “Julia” Deleone, 100, and Bernard Feldman, 104.
"The event was attended by 122 people, including special guests State of Connecticut Department of Social Services Commissioner Roderick Bremby, Deputy Commissioner Claudette Beaulieu, and Connecticut Commission on Aging Director of Communications Robert Norton," the statement said.

"The guests were entertained by music provided by Haven String Quartet and Brian Gillie. The centenarians were serenaded with “Happy Birthday,” sung in both English and Hebrew by the Kindergarteners of the Jewish Community Center Yeladim Early Learning Center. The oldest centenarian present, Flora Phifer, 106, of Milford, cut the first slice of the birthday cake"
"Some bits of wisdom that the centenarian guests shared about the secret of a long and happy life when accepting the invitation to the luncheon include value family and friends, stay healthy, keep active, and work hard; and, as one guest put it, 'Don’t make molehills into mountains,'" the statement said.

In the lower photo: Edith Seitz, 101, Wallingford with AASCC Staff Member Annie White-Thorpe. In the top photo: DSS Commisioner Roderick Bremby with Elina "Lena" Sartucci, 100, Meriden.

Editor's note: All information and photos in this post were contributed.

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