Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Upcoming golf tournament to benefit Pediatric Hydrocephalus Foundation

By Emilee Sousa

“My little trooper,” is what Samantha Pacelli calls her son, Luca.
“I call him my ‘Little Trooper’ because he is my rock, my world, and has taught us to fight through whatever we face with strength, courage, and faith,” Pacelli said.
Luca Pacelli was diagnosed shortly after birth with a rare brain condition, called hydrocephalus.
“Hydrocephalus is a lifelong brain condition where cerebral fluid builds up in the brain, typically in young children, enlarging the head and sometimes causing brain damage,” said Pacelli.
1 in 500 newborns are born with this brain condition.
Luca underwent two brain surgeries only weeks after birth, including endoscopic third ventricolostomy surgery and a VP shunt placement, his mother said.
While Luca was undergoing surgery, Pacelli looked for support groups to reach out to in Connecticut and found none.