Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Haven firm wins 'Webby'

NEW HAVEN - Digital Surgeons, a city-based digital-first creative agency, won "the highest honor of the internet with a 2013 Webby Award for the social media campaign they executed called "Gaga's Workshop," according to a release.

"The team worked ridiculously hard to make sure that this campaign was flawless which is hard to do when you have such a powerful celebrity behind it," co-founder David Salinas said, also in the release. "Our team, lead by co-founder Pete Sena barely slept making sure everything was perfect and Lady Gaga's powerful fan base never crashed the web servers for a second."

"This is a big win for a small shop having beat out much larger agencies and competition that included HBO, MLB, and Nike," the release said.

"We couldn't be more proud and thankful of the team, our client, and all of people in our lives and in the city of New Haven that supported us during our run for this prestigious award."

Here's more: http://bit.ly/10109Qq

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