Sunday, October 13, 2013

Do you love Joe Manganiello? (Otherwise known as Alcide?)

Are there many women who could answer "no" to that question I posed in the headline?
Of course not.
That out of the way, I must be honest when talking of True Blood. And to be honest, I must admit that Bill Compton is my first love.
But it was not Bill who swept into New Haven and starred in Yale Rep's amazing production of  "A Streetcar Named Desire."
That was Joe and along with his amazing interpretation of Stanley Kowlaski (sorry Marlon) he also swept many a heart off into the never-never land that is being next - and this case getting his arm around you - a star.
But in Joe Manganiello's case, he might as well have been the very nice boy next door.
Joe, and yes, I heard him call himself that, apparently met a crowd outside after each and every performance he gave. I saw him on the play's last day treat each member of quite a crowd of mostly women with incredible grace and charm - and some very good sources told me he did that for weeks.
One source, who has worked at Yale Rep for quite some time told me that he had never seen anything like it at the Rep. I asked if Jason Robards had drawn a crowd of ladies and the answer was "no" with a wry smile.

Why, you might ask, was this man Joe so special?
The answer: he had just given quite an outstanding performance, was on his way to dinner with his family (sources told me) and had to perform again in about two hours.
But there he was, kind and patient, helping people with cameras, bending to fit in photos and kidding and quipping with the crowd. His arm went around everyone and he patiently smiled for at least 100 photos. We are in lust with you because we met you as Alcide.
We love you because you are Joe.
Eat your heart out Sookie.

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