Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh dear! DEEP reminds motorists to watch for deer this Fall

The state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection's Wildlife Division reminded motorists in a release Tuesday "to be watchful of increased deer activity along roadways, especially during early morning and evening hours."

UPDATE: The DEEP Thursday issued a safety reminder "for outdoor enthusiasts as a variety of hunting seasons are currently underway – most notably the opening of the fall firearms deer season" which begins Nov. 18. Deer hunting season information is available on the DEEP website at www.ct.gov/deep/hunting.
 "Late October through December is the peak of the breeding season (also known as "the rut") for white-tailed deer which increases deer activity and the likelihood of deer crossing roads," the release said  "Be aware and heed 'Deer Crossing' signs erected by highway departments."
Further, motorists are "advised to slow down and drive defensively should a deer be spotted on or by the road. Deer/vehicle collisions should be reported to local or state law enforcement agencies, or the DEEP Environmental Conservation Police Division at 860-424-3333.," the release said
“In the early 2000’s more than 15,000 deer vehicle accidents occurred annually, while this past year, approximately 6,500 deer were killed in the state due to collisions with vehicles,” Rick Jacobson, director of the DEEP Wildlife Division said, also in the release.
The director "credits this decline to increased educational efforts and more intensive deer management efforts in many areas of the state."

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