Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Free Ballroom Dance Classes for the Greater New Haven Community

Bethesda Lutheran Church will offer free ballroom dance classes for the greater New Haven community in the fall semester, according to a release.

Classes will take place at 450 Whitney Ave., where there is free parking available, the release said

Bethesda member Christina Castaneda "is passionate about using dance to build community and promote wellbeing. She has taught professionally for over twenty years and is excited to offer her gifts to Bethesda's neighbors and friends," the release said.

Singles and couples of all levels of experience are invited to join hour-long sessions on Tuesday nights at 6 p.m. or Saturday at 11 a.m., starting after Labor Day (Sept. 5), the release said.

"Attendance is flexible and there is no commitment. There is no fee, but freewill donations to the church are appreciated. A few weeks will be dedicated to each type of dance, starting with swing."

The atmosphere will be fun and casual. For information and to sign up, visit BethesdaNewHaven.org/dance or email BethesdaDance@yahoo.com
Teacher Biography
 Castaneda "has studied dance since the age of 3 and has trained in various styles including Lyrical, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, and American Style Ballroom. She received intense Ballroom coaching from Wanda Deagen, under whose direction she competed professionally in Las Vegas at the World Promotions Ballroom Competition. Christina then attended New York's Summer Dance Fest Teacher Workshop hosted by the Broadway Dance Center earning a Certificate of Recognition from Dance Teacher Magazine. She taught for the Dance Tree in Houston, TX, and, in 2005, earned the position of assistant director of Ballet New Braunfels where she later became director and led annual productions of The Nutcracker until 2015. Christina also worked with the New Braunfels Theatre Company to co-choreograph the musicals Grease, Cinderella, and From Us to You. Most recently, she competed twice in the Christian Youth Theater's annual Dancing with the Stars of New Braunfels and in 2015 was an honored judge. Christina is happy to have brought over 20 years of teaching experience to New Haven and is enthusiastic about joining the local arts education community."

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