Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Debate over fill used at site of razed buildings

By William Kaempffer
- The owner of the former Kresge department store site downtown is alleging a city-hired demolition company used potentially contaminated soil to fill his property after the buildings were razed and is demanding the city remove all tainted fill “as soon as possible.”
The demolition came after a December fire, show at right.
In a letter to city corporation counsel today and posted on Mid-Block Development’s Web site, owner Paul Denz informed the city that an environmental consultant hired by him to conduct tests at the site last month concluded that the fill should be considered “polluted soil.”
But city spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the fill was made of crushed brick and stone and was tested off site twice in December by an environmental contractor and it came back as clean before it was brought in .
She said the city is “currently looking into” Mid-Block’s environmental report but added “to the best of our knowledge the fill at the site was not contaminated at the time that it was brought in.”

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