Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Teacher's efforts help bring science to life

NEW HAVEN — A Sheridan Magnet School science teacher’s efforts have netted the school two grants that total $3,000, school officials said.
Teacher Susan Brown applied for the grants from Target and Best Buy, officials said in a statement.
The first grant of $1,000 grant came from the Target Field Trip Grant program. Through it, 50y students from Sheridan Magnet School will have the opportunity this month to visit the Sony Wonder Laboratory in New York City. Brown’s application was selected from more than 16,000 applicants from around the country, the statement said. The grant is “designed to help bring learning to life for students” and the Sony Lab includes hands-on interactive science programs for students, in a state of the art science laboratory museum, the statement said.
Brown’s application to the Best Buy Teach Awards program won her a $2,000 gift card with which the school can purchase more technology for students. Since 2004, the Best Buy Teach Award program has awarded in excess of $17 million to more than 6,000 schools nationwide.
Principal Eleanor Turner lauded Brown for taking time to seek the extra funds and said she is a “passionate teacher who also invites guest speakers and parents into the classroom,” the statement said. “Sue wants the kids to see the real world as it relates to what they are learning in the classroom and she wants them to have access to technology. She really is a very passionate about what she’s doing. She does an excellent job,” Turner said.
“Teachers are finding creative ways to engage students by using technology hands-on; we want to support their efforts by helping them enhance or expand these programs,” said Paula Prahl, vice president of public affairs for Best Buy Co. Inc., in the statement “We know that schools are the cornerstones of these communities where our employees, customers and their families live and work.

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