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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fun with Girl Scout cookies

The following was released (meaning they wrote it, we lightly edited it) by the Girl Scouts and for cookie lovers out there, it allows them to pick between the Samoa...the thin mint and all of the rest of tasty treats that are a staple of scouting fundraising.

Vote for Connecticut ’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookie at

A heated battle is baking beneath the surface and the race to see who’s number one is getting closer. It seems as if Thin Mints are catching up to the ever-popular Samoas and the Girl Scouts of Connecticut are keeping the battle alive with where every vote counts.

This year, the Girl Scouts are seeking the public’s vote for Connecticut ’s favorite Girl Scout cookie. State residents are asked to visit and cast their vote for their favorite Girl Scout cookie. The Web site features information and fun facts about the eight different cookies sold in

Since January 11 th, there have been nearly 5000 votes cast on the website. Don’t be left out of the democratic process, voting ends April 10, 2008. The cookie receiving the most votes will be unveiled as Connecticut ’s Girl Scout Cookie at an official ceremony on April 17, 2008. The winning cookies in each of Connecticut ’s eight counties will also be reported.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the nation’s foremost entrepreneurship learning experience for girls. Through participation, girls can earn Girl Scout Patches and Badges by completing age-appropriate activities, which develop their marketing, customer service and public speaking skills.

The cookie program depends on the public’s support for its success. With the merger of Connecticut ’s five Girl Scout Councils, the Girl Scout Cookie Sale has now become one annual sale. Cookies booth sales will begin in March at your local shopping centers.

Proceeds from the cookie program directly benefit all of the Connecticut Girl Scouts in communities, including the Girl Scout troop or group from which cookies are purchased.

For more information on how ton purchase Girl Scout cookies, call (800) 882-5561 or visit To vote for Connecticut ’s favorite Girl Scout cookie visit



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