Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebration of Early Childhood

NEW HAVEN - Children recently took part in activities at New Haven City Hall, at the "Celebration of Early Childhood," where 50 early care providers set up booths for the children to explore and for their parents to pick up important information. The event was a culmination to the national "Week of the Young Child."

Other activities took place throughout the week at various locations, organizers said.

“This week has been a huge success” Sandra Malmquist, director of the Connecticut Children’s Museum and member of the New Haven Early Childhood Council, said in a statement. “We had great participation at our organized events and we distributed 3,400 copies of the bi-lingual book, Read to Me/Vamos a leer, to families in the city through a unique New Haven literacy campaign we called ‘The Little Read.’
"Reading events and activities occurred in early childhood classrooms, family childcare homes, libraries and health clinics. Children, families and our community have been inspired to read to children.”

Malmquist said in the statement that, "the New Haven Early Childhood Council would be developing a full report on all of the activities that occurred throughout this hugely successful week."

Photo by Ann Pratt, CT Early Childhood Alliance.

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