Thursday, April 8, 2010

Diaper Duty

NEW HAVEN - The New Haven County Bar Association is sponsoring diaper drives to benefit The Diaper Bank, a non-profit organization that provides free diapers to low-income families in New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford.
NHCBA member firms last year collected more than 53,000 diapers or the cash equivalent and donated them to The Diaper Bank, the association said in a statement.
The Diaper Bank has since 2004 distributed more than 5 million free diapers to families in need, the statement said.
The bank distributes more than 200,000 diapers a month to 60-pplus agencies in Greater New Haven, Hartford and Bridgeport.
Having an inadequate supply of diapers puts families with young children at risk for health and other complications, the statement said.
Previously, many families had to choose between paying rent and buying a sufficient number of diapers for their children, the statement said.
The NHCBA began helping The Diaper Bank in 2007 after Steve Rosenberg, current co-chair of the NHCBA Public Service Committee, read about the organization on the Internet.
As the father of young children, he relates personally to The Diaper Bank’s mission: “I know first-hand how necessary and expensive diapers are, and how quickly the costs add up. For me, spending a lot of money on diapers is an annoyance. For a low-income family, it can be a real burden,” he said in the statement.
NHCBA Public Service Committee members agreed and with the help of Diaper Bank president and founder, Joanne Goldblum and board member, Quinnipiac law professor John Thomas, the Public Service Committee rolled out its first "Law Firm Partner of the Month" program in 2007.
Each month, a different law firm or law office holds a diaper drive to benefit The Diaper Bank. Member firms collect diapers, wipes and related accessories, as well as money.
At the end of the month, the participating law firm gathers everything and brings it to The Diaper Bank warehouse in West Haven, the statement said.
Some of law firms that have participated in collections are: Berchem, Moses & Devlin; Brenner, Saltzman & Wallman; Buckley & Wynne; Garcia & Milas; Littler Mendelson; Neubert, Pepe & Monteith; New Haven Legal Assistance Association; Nuzzo & Roberts; the Quinnipiac University School of Law Student Bar Association; Susman, Duffy & Segaloff; Wiggin & Dana; and the Yale-New Haven Hospital Legal Department, the statement said.

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