Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mishkan Israel rabbi to receive award

NEW HAVEN — Rabbi Herbert Brockman, of Congregation Mishkan Israel in Hamden, will be honored at the annual Reverend Howard Nash Breakfast. Brockman will receive the Community Leadership Award. The event will be held 8-9:30 a.m. May 6 at the New Haven Lawn Club. The breakfast was created in support of The Network for Community Engagement, formerly known as the Dialogue Project. The Dialogue Project was a collaborative effort between Community Mediation, Inc. and Interfaith Cooperative Ministries to address issues of racial inequity in the community. The annual award was established to honor community leadership in the area of dialogue.
The award is named in memory of Nash of St. Bernadette’s Roman Catholic Church. He was a founder of The Network for Community Engagement and a former president of Interfaith Cooperative Ministries.
Brockman is being recognized for his work to foster communication among various area groups to promote social justice and to bring greater understanding and respect of each other’s beliefs, challenges and concerns. Brockman is a professor at Yale Divinity School and serves on the boards of ICM and the Hartford Seminary.
Community Mediation of New Haven offers mediation and facilitation services as well as training in all areas of conflict management.
The cost is $54 with $4 dedicated to the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Lifeline and $40 to support the work of Community Mediation. Make checks payable to Community Mediation.
For more information, go to or contact Kathy Benoit, office manager, or Chet Brodnicki, interim executive director, at Community Mediation at 203-782-3500.

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