Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go Green with Sound School

NEW HAVEN — The Sound School, a regional, vocational, aquacultural and agricultural high school at 60 S. Water St., will present New Haven Greenfest on June 4-6.
Greenfest will feature a battle of the bands with 17 bands competing to be featured in a music video and film called, "The BIOS WaterCar." Also, there will be a green-living expo and tables are available for $125 for the weekend. There will be a 5K walk and run, food vendors, car and bike rally at Long Wharf, art gallery and schooner cruises in the harbor.
The BIOS WaterCar will debut at Greenfest, the installation of the hydrogen hybrid system will take place at the festival, and hybrid systems will be available for sale. Installation of a hybrid system in a 1997 Oldsmobile showed an improvement in mileage from 20-67 mpg. On average the units usually show a 25-50 percent increase.
Bands are coming from as far as Washington, D.C., to compete.
Greenfest is being promoted by Steve Schappert of the BIOS Organization.
"Greenfest is about educating the masses." said Schappert. "You wouldn’t expect to see a bunch of muscle cars at a green festival, but what better way to spread the word. Preaching to the choir only gets you so far. What if your ’67 Firebird with 475 horsepower could get 25-30 mpg? Would that interest you?"
Students at The Sound School led by environmental sciences teacher Rebecca Gratz are trying to make the school more green and Schappert was invited to speak to the students about the process. The students wanted to do a fundraiser to help the process and Greenfest was born. Schappert says he has been developing the BIOS concept for about 6 years and his goal is "to create an international organization that is a model of social responsibility, teaching people how to live green, healthy, holistic, organic, sustainable and energy independent lives. We currently market panelized building packages, energy services and systems, and we have over 10,000 supporting members in 71 countries."
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