Tuesday, May 4, 2010

St. Bernadette's helped to fight diabetes

NEW HAVEN - Students and faculty at St. Bernadette School recently combined "health and wellness education, physical education and the genuine concern for the health and well-being of others" by collecting pledges for the American Diabetes Association, the school said in a statement.

The students walked the school blockduring their physical education class to stress the need to eat healthfully and exercise, the statement said.

Students collected a total of $630.25 to benefit the American Diabetes Association.
St. Bernadette School is an ethnically diverse community serving students from pre-Kindergarten through grade eight. Each student is encouraged to strive for academic excellence within a coeducational, safe, nurturing and loving environment where moral values are taught and modeled. For more information on St. Bernadette Catholic School, visit http://www.saintbernadette.org/.
Information and photo courtesy of St. Bernadette School


Chuck said...

This is a great school and it turns out great kids. One of New Haven's hidden gems! I can't believe that people spend so much money to send their kids to schools like Hamden Hall and Choat when this place is the perfect learing environment to start kids off with a balance of education and social responsibility. Hats off to Saint Bernadette.

Suzanne said...

I am a SBS parent and am so proud of our kids and our school! You are correct Chuck.... a hidden gem for sure. What a wonderful walk this was, and the faculty and staff did such a good job helping the children understand why what they were doing was important. Too often I see events like these for "show." This was real. All the kids felt like they were giving back to the community and they were! Yay SBS kids!

Anonymous said...

SBS was one of the best decisions we have made for our son's education. Every teacher watches out for each child as if they were their own. To show how much they care, our son's first year in Pre-k, Mrs. Scaranuzzo ID'd a vision problem that his doctor did not find. She also found a great program at SCSU for speech development for our son. That's caring. She also felt it was necessary for my son to repeat Pre-k. As a parent yo never want to hear that, but it was a great decision and our son is doing great. Great school teaching our children great values that will help them succeed all through life!

Anonymous said...

St. Bernadette School has had small changes throughout my daughter's 8 years there, but has never waivered from a school that teaches the whole child, mentally, physically and spiritually. Being raised Catholic, both my husband and myself have loved the warm nurturing atmosphere at SBS. We have two younger children who currently attend and they love it. My shy child has come out of her shell and I thank school for that, they learn to speak in front of others properly, what a benefit! Never in all of our years there have my children ever said they don't want to go to school. And they are learning responsibility for their actions, accountability which is very important in life. They learn to be creative thinkers and they enjoy specials such as music, art, physical education, computers,clubs, sports, spanish and family values. They are kind to each other, helpful and the older children have been mentors to the younger children over the last several years. The academics are incredible, my son benefited from Mrs. Scaranuzzo's wonderful loving ways, she is intune to each child and Mrs.Hart found vision problems in 2 of my 3 children, where we could not see a problem. We are grateful for all the wonderful teachers our children have had at SBS and every member of the staff knows your child's first and last name and my children would never have felt so loved and protected in a public school setting as they do at SBS. Our school is a precious gem for sure. The parents are a family, an extension of your own. Check out our great school.

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