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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hospital of Saint Raphael offers medical alert device

Device intends to help those who fall

NEW HAVEN — A new personal medical alert device will send out a call for help when its wearer falls, even if the person can’t press the button.
The Phillips Lifeline with AutoAlert, being offered by the Hospital of Saint Raphael, is 95 percent accurate in detecting when its wearer falls, according to a statement issued by the hospital.
"One of the greatest threats to seniors’ health is falls and associated injuries," said Jennifer Cotter, St. Raphael’s Lifeline program coordinator. "Close to 50 percent of seniors can’t get up from a fall without help, and lying on the floor for an extended period can lead to serious complications. Lifeline with AutoAlert can help seniors maintain their independence and provide their caregivers even more peace of mind."
AutoAlert, worn as a pendant, uses multiple sensors to detect falls and issues an alert 30 seconds later.
For more information about Lifeline with AutoAlert, go to and click on Senior Services, or call 203-789-3938.


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