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Yale Peabody Museum to hold King event on environmental and social justice

NEW HAVEN - The Yale Peabody Museum will hold a  two-day “Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Legacy of Environmental and Social Justice 2011” event Jan. 16 and 17.
The free event will feature performances and activities espousing King’s environmental and social justice concerns, museum officials said in a statement.
It will be held noon to 4:30 p.m. Jan. 16 and 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Jan. 17.
Activities will include music and dance performances, educational activities and an invitational poetry slam drawing poets from around the country.
"Events and activities will help demonstrate how Dr. King strove to raise awareness about public health concerns and urban environmental issues that disproportionately affect minorities and low-income communities," the statement said.
Sunday’s activities will feature storytelling and teen diversity workshops focusing on King’s message. Performances scheduled for Sunday include the African Arawak Connection, Yale Bhangra Dance Troupe, and Pam, Jam, and Lime Steel Band,  the statement said.
Monday’s featured event is the Annual Invitational Zannette Lewis Environmental and Social Justice Poetry Slam, an event that brings poets from around the country to compete,  the statement said. It is named in honor of a dedicated Peabody volunteer and champion of the MLK celebration who died this past year,  the statement said.

Also on Monday is the Zannette Lewis Environmental and Social Justice Community Poetry Open Mic, an opportunity for people of all ages to share their original poetry or rap and speak their minds on issues of justice and injustice,  the statement said. Pre-registration is required.
Performing Monday in the Great Hall will be Boogie Chillun, Brian Jarawa Gray and Friends, the New Haven Breakdancers, and Kouffin Kanecke Company among others. Michael Mills will lead the drum circle finale. An Afro-Caribbean folk doll workshop will also be offered,  the statement said.
The event is sponsored by Citizens Bank with support from the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Yale Office of New Haven and State Affairs,  the statement said.

A complete schedule of events:

Sunday, January 16, Noon to 4:30 pm (5 pm for the Teen Workshops)

World Stage Performances (Great Hall of Dinosaurs)

1:00–1:30 Premier Jazz Ensemble

2:00–2:30 African Arawak Connection

3:00–3:15 Yale Bhangra Dance Troupe — Traditional Punjabi dance

4:00–4:30 Pam, Jam, and Lime Steel Band

Teen Workshops, 3rd Floor Auditorium

1:00–5:00 “Stop the Violence: Teens Standing Up for Change”

Storytelling (3rd Floor, North American Dioramas Hall)

12:30–1:15 Waltrina Kirkland Mullins — Past and Present: We Live the Legacy!

1:30–2:15 Joy Donaldson — Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Word and Song

2:30–3:15 Karen Johnson — “Baba, the Farmer” and “Butterflies Should Be Free”

Monday, January 17, 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

World Stage Performances (Great Hall of Dinosaurs)

11:00–11:30 Boogie Chillun

12:00–12:30 Brian Jarawa Gray and Friends

1:00–1:30 New Haven Breakdancers

1:30–2:00 Morning Glory Christian Dance Academy

2:00–2:30 New Haven Breakdancers

3:00–3:30 Kouffin Kanecke Company:Traditional West African dance and drumming

3:45–4:30 Michael Mills — Drumming performance and drum circle finale

Family activity, (3rd Floor, North American Dioramas Hall)

10:00–2:00 Elaine Peters — Afro-Caribbean Folk Doll Workshop (using recyclable materials)

Poetry Slam, Open Mic, Music (3rd Floor Auditorium)

11:00–12:30 Zannette Lewis Environmental and Social Justice Community Poetry Open Mic

12:45–1:15 White-eyed Lizard Band: Caribbean steel drum island music

1:30–4:30 Annual Invitational Zannette Lewis Environmental and Social Justice Poetry Slam

Photo shows Michael Mills and Brian Jawara, courtesy of Yale Peabody Museum

Editor's note: The information in this post was provided wholly by the museum

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