Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Haven gun buyback nets 33 weapons

NEW HAVEN — A latest “gun buyback” program this weekend brought in 33 firearms, including two sawed-off shotguns and one Tec-9 assault pistol.
The effort was a collaboration between the Police Department and the Injury Free Coalition for Kids of New Haven and Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital.
The last three efforts brought in a total of 115 working guns.
“Any firearm turned in through this program, whether it was out on the street or stored inside someone’s bedroom closet, is one less gun that could end up in the hand of a criminal,” said police spokesman Officer Dave Hartman.
The turn in has a “no questions asked” policy through which people can anonymously turn in firearms without risk of being charged with illegal possession.
People who turned in a gun received a $50 gift card. People disposing of assault rifles or a sawed off shotgun received an additional $50 card.
- William Kaempffer

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