Friday, December 7, 2012

Shabbat Hanukkah at Temple Emanuel in Orange

ORANGE - "Come join the fun and celebrate Shabbat Hanukkah at Temple Emanuel," organizers of an upcoming service say.
TempleEmanuel, 150 Derby Ave., will welcome Shabbat on Dec. 14 "with a music-filled service led by Rabbi Michael Farbman and the Temple Emanuel Band, light our chanukiot together and enjoy a delicious latke dinner with family and friends," according to a release.
"All are welcome to participate in this joyous annual event."
The service begins at 6 p.m. Dinner reservations can be made by calling the Temple office at 203-396-3000 or at:

"Our Hanukkah celebration is just one of many exciting events for families, individuals and children of all ages at Temple Emanuel," the release said.
"Recent programs include our multi-generational sukkah build and family sukkot program, highlighted by an adult study session, the creation of decorations for the TE sukkah and a family-style potluck dinner. Simchat Torah was marked by another family program including adult study, the consecration of new religious school students and the opportunity for everyone in our community to dance with the Torah, with musical accompaniment by members of the TE Band. All of our events end with our famously tasty onegs."

For more information about Temple Emanuel programs, visit, or call  203-397-3000.

Editor's note: All information and the photo in this post were contributed.


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