Saturday, February 9, 2013

New Haven police: Please do not drive

This is posted  fully and unedited (photo by Peter Casolino):
9 February, 2013 - BLIZZARD 2013, 7:08 PM - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

The New Haven Police Department and its Officers have been working around the clock to provide vital storm related services to the city. Aside from typical calls for service, Officers have focused their efforts to keeping streets as clear as possible so plow trucks can remove snow from the city's roadways.

We understand many main arteries are not passable and most secondary roads are not either. The Department of Public Works and the City's Parks Department are making every effort to remove snow as quickly as possible, but it stands to reason that with the incredible volume of snow and the falling temperature, their efforts may be ongoing for several days.

Regardless of whether travel and parking bans are lifted, the Police Department is pleading with people to stay off the roadways. Only those who must travel to provide emergency or vital services should attempt to do so - and then only if the vehicle they are operating is worthy of such efforts.

Many streets have seen partial snow removal. A seemingly cleared roadway could, after a few blocks, in fact be impassable, forcing the vehicle to have to back up to a cleared cross street. This poses a hazard and has led to many cars becoming stuck.

Vehicles that are stuck in a roadway will prevent an emergency vehicle or plow truck from making it through.

It is the responsibility of the owners of stranded vehicles to solicit the necessary assistance to remove such vehicles from the roadways. Even roadways that are passable will eventually be re-plowed to widen the travel paths. Vehicles parked in such a manor as to impede these efforts will be towed at the vehicle owner's expense.

All of this said, shoveling or otherwise trying to remove snow is a physically exhausting task. We are urging people who are not physically able to do so or have a heart condition, to again, solicit the help of others.

The public and private plow operators are reminded that snow can not be deposited into a roadway, regardless of its condition. Those who do not heed this warning and have violated the law in such a manor will face fines.

Chief Dean M. Esserman is asking for the public's patience during these times. "The New Haven Police Department and its Officers are doing their utmost to answer calls from the public in as timely a manor as is humanly possible. We appreciate everyone's understanding that to get to many calls for service, Our Officers are doing so, at least partially, on foot".

The Department's Patrol Division is fully staffed as are the ten Police sub-stations, Emergency Services Unit and Vehicle Maintenance Division. Those with routine or non-emergency issues are asked to understand that priority calls will be answered first and that all calls for service will go through a process of determining their urgency.

Stay warm and stay safe.

Officer David B Hartman, Media Liaison

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