Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New Haven towing and plowing update

UPDATE: The city Thursday extended the even side parking restrictions extended through 6 a.m. Saturday, E of the Boulevard and W of the Quinnipiac River

"This was done to allow crews the workspace to remove more snow in order to widen the travelable portion of streets. Any cars that parked on the odd side of the street overnight were towed. However, most residents complied with the parking restrictions and only 44 cars had to be towed," the city release said.

"The parking restrictions and corresponding tow and plow operations were scheduled to be repeated one more time, overnight on Thursday.  However, because the operation worked so well and in order to widen more streets, the even side parking restrictions will be extended for two more nights, both Thursday and Friday," the release said.

Updated map:

The city of New Haven on Wednesday afternoon released this statement on plowing, snow removal and towing of vehicles. That map also is shown at right.

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