Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Haven to tow cars to clear snow

The city said in a release that it will "undertake a large snow emergency towing and plowing effort on the main arterials which are posted 'snow emergency routes' and on streets in the downtown area.

"This towing operation will occur overnight tonight, beginning at 6 pm and ending on Wednesday at 6 am.," the release said.

"This is being done in order to allow for more complete snow removal on these streets and in preparation for tomorrow’s re-opening of downtown businesses.

Any car parked on a posted “snow emergency route” or on streets in the downtown area will be subject to towing."

See the map below or check here for a list of the snow emergency routes.

"In preparation for a second towing and plowing operation, on Wednesday and Thursday, parking will be allowed only on the even side of the street. Any cars parked on the odd side—citywide—will be subject to towing."

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