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See the list of Aug. 12 primaries in Connecticut

In a press release, Sec. of the State Denise Merrill announced registered Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut will be able to vote Aug. 12, "in at least 23 primaries for state elections."

"Republican primaries will be held for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and State Comptroller, as well as a number of state legislative seats and local offices such as Judge of Probate and Registrar of Voters.  Registered Democrats, depending on their geographic location, will be able to cast ballots in primaries for various state house and senate seats, Judge of Probate, and Registrar of Voters," the release said.

Tom Foley and John McKinney are the Republican candidates for governor. (Scroll down to see the full list of candidates in the primaries)

The release also noted: "There is no statewide Democratic primary on the ballot in 2014, nor is there any primary for federal office.  A list of primaries on the ballot for August 12, 2014 can be found below."
“It is important that voters are fully aware of the primaries taking place on August 12th,” Merrill said, also in the release. “We in Connecticut have a number of open seats in our General Assembly on both sides of the aisle, and many candidates lining up to replace outgoing legislators. I encourage registered Democrats and Republicans to find out about the candidates and make their voices heard on primary day by casting ballots.  Critical issues such as our economy and our state budget are at stake and will be impacted by the decisions made by those we choose to represent us in Hartford.  The more than 800,000 unaffiliated voters in Connecticut should also know they can take part in choosing Democratic or Republican candidates by enrolling with either party by August 11th at noon.”
Go to www.sots.ct.gov to learn how to register to vote, check registration status, find polling location, download absentee ballot applications, and view candidate lists.
The release also noted the deadline to register to vote in the Aug, 12 primary: Online voter registration and mail-in registration cards must be received by local Registrars of Voters by August 7.
"Voting age citizens and 17-year-olds who will turn 18 by the general election can also register in-person at town offices until Monday, August 11th at 12:00 p.m. "
Unaffiliated voters face those same deadlines if they wish to enroll with a party in order to vote in the primaries. Any eligible voter can also register online at www.sots.ct.gov
Polls will be open for registered Democrats and Republicans on Primary Day in Connecticut August 12, 2014 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Per the release, these primaries reported to the Office of the Secretary of the State will be on the ballot on August 12(* denotes party endorsed candidate):



*Thomas C. Foley
John P. McKinney
Lieutenant Governor
*Penny Bacchiochi
Heather Somers
David M. Walker
*Sharon J. McLaughlin
Angel Cadena
State Senate – 2
*Shawn Wooden
Eric D. Coleman
Len Walker
State Senate – 20
*Elizabeth B. Ritter
William L. Satti
State Senate – 22
*Anthony J. Musto
Marilyn Moore
State Senate – 23
*Andres Ayala, Jr.
Scott Hughes
Assembly District – 7
*Douglas McCroy
Donna Thompson-Daniel
Assembly District – 23
*Devin R. Carney
Vicki Lanier
Assembly District – 32
*Kathleen G. Richards
Anthony “Tony” Salvatore
Assembly District – 44
*Christine Rosati
Michael Cartier
Assembly District – 47
No Endorsement
Doug Dubitsky
Noah Enslow
Michael P. Meadows
Assembly District – 48
*Linda A. Orange
Jason Paul
Assembly District – 64
*Brian Ohler
Mark Lauretano
Assembly District – 122
*Ben McGorty
Michael C. Vickerelli
Assembly District – 124
*Ernie Newton
Andre Baker
Assembly District – 128
*Christopher Rosario
Christina Ayala
Dennis Bradley
Teresa Davidson
Assembly District – 133
*Cristin McCarthy Vahey
Matt Waggner
Assembly District – 137
*David Watts
Chris Perone
Assembly District – 140
*Bruce Morris
Warren Pena
Assembly District – 142
*Emily Wilson
Fred Wilms
Probate District Plainfield – Killingly – 27
*Andrea Truppa
Anna Zubkova
Probate District Madison – Guilford – 34
*William Bilcheck
Gail S. Kotowski
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