Thursday, July 10, 2014

Weather in New Haven

Weather quite often seems magnified by the vantage point down on the shore at the New Haven Register.

Step out onto our entrance steps and it seems that whatever weather is occurring is right in front of you.

These photos and video at top are examples from last night's storm.

It really was a dark and stormy night - though it seems like the rain moved very quickly through the area. There was a lot of lightning.

Further, this close to the harbor the light tends to plays some tricks as the clouds move by.

You can see some of that on the video below.

To keep track of the weather, you can always check the Register site for a full report.

It contains Accuweather information and fair warning: another thunderstorm is predicted for later today! (and you already see a 'p.m.' t-storm predicted for Friday)

Read a blog post by Amy Parulis of Denali about home harrowing weather in Vermont.

Was the weather rough where you were last night? You can always feel free to share photos: - or to post the photos on the Register Facebook page too!

Here is a previous video that also shows those lovely very light tricks nature plays down here on New Haven's shore:

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