Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We all should love learning about New Haven history

New Haven is rich with history.

From the time the Puritans decided this was the place to be, New Haven has been a part of what unfolded in Connecticut and the world. 

Just consider learning where the names of the city schools came from and you will begin to see this history.

However, I shamefully had not toured the Pardee Morris House until recently.

But once you go there, history unfolds. Did you know, for instance, that the British burned the original house down when they raided New Haven during the Revolutionary War?

But it was rebuilt and it is still there on Lighthouse Road.

There are friendly folks there to give tours - or you can just look around and read the materials there that explain the history of the home and its occupants. The point is, if you can, you should go.

The Pardee-Morris House is located at 325 Lighthouse Road, New Haven.

Check out my video:

Since I work in the news business, I get a lot of press releases, including for the New Haven Museum.

Here is what they share about the house (unedited here)

About the Pardee-Morris House

One of the oldest surviving historic structures in Connecticut, the Pardee-Morris House dates from about 1780 and is listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places.  Built by Amos Morris circa 1750, the house was burned by the British during their raid on New Haven in 1779, and rebuilt and expanded by the Morris family. In 1918, William Pardee, a descendant of the Morris family, willed the property to the New Haven Colony Historical Society, today the New Haven Museum.
For the latest news on summer events at the Pardee-Morris House, visit the New Haven Museum’s website: newhavenmuseum.org and Facebook page: facebook.com/NewHavenMuseum.  Sign up for e-blasts at info@newhavenmuseum.org, or call the New Haven Museum at 203-562-4183

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