Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Microsociety School already has its elections wrapped up

While the race to the White House continues on a national level, a group of student leaders in at Microsociety School have been sworn in as mayor, deputy mayor and school officers. Superior Court Judge Angela C. Robinson administered the oath of office.

Robert Durant, an eighth grader, was sworn in as mayor; Shane Brown, a sixth grader, as deputy mayor; Ashley Roman, also a sixth grader, as treasurer; and Louis Oliwa, also an eighth grader, as secretary, school officials said in a news release.

Microsociety students ratify their own school constitution, which is written by students and is the document “by which the school is governed (speeding in the hallway, talking back and breaking cafeteria rules are among the violations subject to fines at this Microsociety school, for example), officials said in the release. Class representatives ratified the school constitution.

In addition, Microville’s Safety Patrol Peacekeepers were officially sworn into office by Sgt. Rick Rodriguez and Lt. Joseph Streeto of the New Haven Police Department. Speakers included Robert Kutzik,, regional director of MicroSociety Inc. and Carroll E. Brown, president of the West Haven Black Coalition, Inc.
At Microsociety Magnet, students are also citizens of “Microville,” a community within the school with its own mayor, bank, marketplace, police and judicial system, the release said. Students run for office, vote in elections, make and maintain laws and manage businesses. The model helps students apply classroom learning to real-life situations.
After the swearing in, the school celebrated with a Buffet style dinner and an Inaugural Ball.

Show in photo above, top, l to r, Treasurer Ashley Roman, Mayor Robert Durant, Deputy Mayor Shane Brown, and Secretary Louis Oliwar.

Photo above, bottom: The Microville choir performed at the inaugural.

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