Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Haven's new news source

Welcome to Elm City Express. We chose the name because we want readers to know that we plan to work as fast as we can to bring accurate, honest and fair news to you.

We also want New Haven residents and everyone else to be able to obtain a whole lot of news in one place, at a site that is part of the New Haven Register.

We plan to post our regular Register news here; we also will post items that catch our fancy that we think readers might enjoy or from which we all might learn.

As we launch Elm City Express, we want to hear from readers, we want to hear from residents, we want people who care about New Haven to share ideas, thoughts, comments, news and photos.

When readers share with us, we will share with everyone. Check, above, for instance, a photo that depicts New Haven police Detective Sgt. Theodore Fitzgerald who received congratulatory flowers from his family, including daughter Lauren age 4 1/2, and wife Kristen, also a New Haven Police Officer, during a recent promotional ceremony. The photo, by Register photographer Mara Lavitt, was taken at City Hall.

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